Scripting Software

The Agent Desktop is the module that controls the agents communications with your customers.

Accessed through Internet Explorer the Agent Desktop supports inbound/outbound campaigns, e-mail and data entry. For inbound campaigns screen popping can be used to present the relevant script to the agent, whilst telemarketing campaigns can automatically dial out from screen. Integration with other applications and websites is easily achieved providing one simple interface for the agents. The application also incorporates a virtual wallboard featuring call statistics and agent messages.

CallScripter will integrate with 3rd party applications such as Postcode & Credit Card providers and, being browser-based, allows the full functionality of the Internet on your agents' screen.


  • Supports Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Supports email, SMS and Data-Entry
  • Allows product ordering via an in-built shopping basket
  • Screen Popping via CTI
  • Preview dialling for Outbound
  • Virtual wallboard featuring call statistics and agent messages
  • Mid-call transfer of script information between agents
  • Web-based served via Internet Explorer
  • Caters for colour, logos, illustrations and multi-media
  • Easy integration with Postcode and Credit Card processing applications
  • Contact details and FAQ's available at all times from script
  • Spell check facility to ensure accuracy of data