Live Receptionist

Direct Call Live Receptionist is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

As a growing business, acquiring new customers and maintaining existing clients is your number one priority. When a phone call comes into your office, is it being answered? How about after business hours, on vacation or sick days, when you or your receptionist are not available? Direct Call understands the importance of every customer contact and offers live receptionist services 24/7/365 to businesses looking to build a professional image. 

Learn how Direct Call Live Receptionist can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy.

Around-the-clock Availability
Direct Call Live Receptionist Solutions provides your customers and clients with customer service 24/7/365. Our professional agents will answer your calls just like an in-house receptionist, creating a dependable service for all your customers or clients. 

Promote a Professional Image
Direct Call Live Receptionist service will help your business establish a professional image. One of our highly trained agents will answer each call using an AnswerPhrase, a defined greeting set by you. Your customers will assume they have reached your office, when in actuality a Direct Call agent is handling their call. Direct Call can also screen calls, transfer urgent/important calls to your home office, and provide a detailed message using your preferred message delivery method, helping you concentrate on running your business.

A Cost Effective Solution
Our Live Receptionist solution not only saves you time, but it will save you money. By outsourcing your receptionist needs to Direct Call, you have access to 24/7 customer service handling by a professional call centre agent for as little as £5 a day. In turn, you save on salary expenses (hourly wages, benefits, sick leave, vacation time, etc.) while benefiting from highly professional and skilled representatives experienced at managing your daily calls.

Direct Call - Live Receptionist Highlights

  • Around-the-clock receptionist services provide flexible solutions for your customers and clients, always keeping you connected.

  • Dependable receptionist services signifies a professional business image.

  • Direct Call Live Receptionist solution offers customizable service options such as AnswerPhrase, Greeting Front, and dynamic call forwarding to meet your specific business needs.

  • Save on salary expenses. Our skilled and experienced call center agents can handle your customer and client inquiries on a pay as you save basis.

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