Brochure Request

Our sophisticated brochure / catalogue fulfilment system is designed to automatically download your data each day from your website or call centre (or our call centre), data is then linked to your personalised letter or label template that we will develop (multiple versions if necessary), addresses are printed and your catalogue or brochure pack is mailed out the same day.

As well as responding to individual catalogue and brochure requests we also handle the distribution of bulk brochure requests e.g. to travel agents, shops, supermarkets and exhibitions.

  • Clothing catalogues
  • Travel brochures
  • Information packs
  • Welcome packs
  • Product brochures
  • Instruction manuals
  • Directories
  • Guides

Brochure / Catalogue Direct Mailing Campaign Fulfilment

As well as handling daily brochure and catalogue requests BTB Mailflight also have a mailing house division that specialises in the mass fulfilment of brochure and catalogue mailings.

We have 5 Sitma polywrapping lines and polywrap millions of catalogues and brochures each year. Smaller mailings will be polybagged or enveloped by hand.

As well as catalogue mailings we can produce other direct mail packs too. Whether it’s a simple postcard mailing or a complex mailer with numerous inserts and variations, we can provide the solution.

Our largest international catalogue client's mailing cycle involves high volume catalogue mailings followed up by postcard mailings. With our inkjetting capabilities we can print variable postal indicias so that they benefit from using the international postage service that offers the best price to that destination.

Our catalogue / direct mailing capabilities include:

  • Materials procurement & print management
  • Data processing
  • Laser printing – carrier sheets/letters/forms/invoices/statements
  • Inkjet personalisation - high speed inkjetting of postcards, envelopes etc
  • Print finishing
  • Polythene wrapping
  • Polybagging
  • Envelope enclosing
  • Specialist hand finishing
    o Label application
    o Hand inserting
    o Boxing/packaging of bulk catalogues
    o Covermounting/tip on's
    o Hand matching
  • UK mailings (Mailsort)
  • International mailings
  • Courier & freight
  • Fulfilment of catalogue requests
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