Engineer Call Out

Direct Call Engineer Call Out service is available 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

Emergencies come at any hour of the day and efficient handling of emergency calls is crucial to the success of your business. Critical and urgent calls require specific call handling expertise for information to be delivered fast and accurately.

Learn how Direct Call Engineer Call Out can provide success to your customer service approach and operational efficiency.

Engineer Call Out - Always Be Prepared
During an emergency or critical situation, Direct call will collect caller information, take note of the caller’s issue, and get the caller in contact with the correct On-Call Engineer from your company. Once the caller is connected to someone from your company, our agent will forward the caller’s message to your email inbox, pager, or text-enabled mobile phone. Our call centre agents record an electronic history of each contact and keep it available for your reference.

Engineer Call Out - On-Call Rota Manager
Our procedures give you full control over the escalation process our agents should follow. This enables you to make modifications to your On-Call Schedule by creating, editing, and deleting personnel and their availabilities, as you need. With Direct Call Engineer Call Out services YOU have total control. In addition, our Quality Management system records each call in a searchable database, providing you with valuable legal protection, making it easy for you to listen to any call at any time.

Direct Call - Engineer Call Out Highlights

  • Critical and urgent calls are transferred immediately to a representative of your business.

  • Important caller information and details are delivered to you promptly via email, pager, or text-enabled mobile phone.

  • On-Call Rota Manager displays the availability of your personnel in a highly organized manner so that the appropriate representative from your company can be contacted immediately by one of our agents.

To find out more about Direct Call Engineer Call Out services call us today at 0800 083 6304.