24/7 Support Desk

Customers, partners, and suppliers demand 24/7 support for the products and services they have invested in. Providing your customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues will increase customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty.

Learn how Direct Call 24-Hour Support Desk can bring success to your customer service approach and operational efficiency.

How Can We Help You?
Direct Call Help Desk call centre agents will answer first tier questions or concerns about your products and/or services, regardless of the type of question or the complexity of products and/or services. Using web-enabled technology, we build detailed expert systems, or Help Flows, that allow our agents to ask the right questions and provide correct answers. In addition, our in-house training facility enables us to give agents detailed training on your products and services. Should our call centre agents be unable to resolve a customer issue, they will page or transfer the call to the appropriate representative from your business to ensure your clients get their questions answered.

Direct Call Help Desk Services
Your customers will always get the level of support they expect with our Help Desk services. Below is a list of Help Desk services we provide:

  • First-Tier Technical assistance

  • Hardware support and On-Call dispatch

  • Software support and On-Call dispatch

  • Password resets

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or service request

24-Hour Helpdesk Highlights

  • 24/7 support for products and services provides customers with the extra level of attention they need and demand.

  • Direct Call agents can handle simple to complex questions using detailed expert systems, or Help Flows.

  • Direct Call offers a variety of quality support services, ranging from password resets to hardware support.

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