Order Taking Service

Direct Call offers fully integrated web-based order taking services on a 24/7/365 basis. We have the capacity and capability to handle any call volume and any size of product catalogue - from a single product to large catalogue orders.

Sales Focused Order Taking Specialists
Our mission is to increase the percentage of calls for your campaign that convert into actual sales. We specifically train our agents to handle each call as a valuable sales opportunity and use cross-sells and up-sells to increase the value of each order. Furthermore, to ensure quality assurance and quality service, our call centre agents are fully trained as Certified Order Taking Specialists before taking calls from your sales line.

Streamlined Sales Channels
Using a web enabled call centre allows our agents to enter orders through your existing e-commerce website, thus streamlining sales and fulfillment channels. If an e-Commerce page is not already in place, we will build one for you, allowing the convenience of real-time credit card processing, inventory tracking, and integration with your fulfillment house.

Front Line FAQ Support
As a value-added partner, we can take your orders and handle front-line customer inquiries. Our scripting software Callscripter and scripted Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), allow our agents to answer questions related to your business both easily and thoroughly, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your customers’ calls.

Order Taking Highlights:

  • Fully integrated web-based order taking services handling high call volumes and diverse product catalogs.

  • Comprehensive agent training ensures quality service and effective sales closing.

  • Customised e-commerce website will streamline your sales and reporting channels.

  • Callscripter software with scripted FAQ integration provides for efficient and effective question answering.

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