Direct Call consists of hardworking employees that make every effort to ensure customers and clients are content with their services. When our frontline staff feels confident and happy in their work environment, it translates into better customer service for your callers. Direct Call uses extensive hiring and training processes to ensure the best people are brought onto each project.

Direct Call employs a rigorous selection process for all employees. The first interview round is a phone interview where applicants are initially judged on communication skills, phone presence, and if he or she meets the basic requirements for the outlined job. If successful, the applicant will be asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.

Face to Face Interview Process

  • Vocal and written grammar skills

  • Sales and customer service skills

  • Internet proficiency and basic computer skills

  • Keyboarding and spelling

  • Interpersonal skills and personality traits such as friendliness and professionalism

Applicants are also assessed on behavioral tendencies within various situations. For example, candidates may be measured by: their ability to work on a team and/or individually; how well they can deal with problems or issues; how well they can manage emotions during stressful periods, and; their ability to take initiative during busy times. If an applicant is successful in all interview stages, reference checks are made before a position is ever offered.

New Hire Training

The objective of Direct Call’s new hire training is to set the foundation for success. All new agents must go through a one-week paid training course in our modern training centre.

  • Company history and background

  • Direct Call quality standards and monitoring procedures

  • How to use Scripting System

  • Basic customer service and sales skills (how to deal with irate

    customers, how to ask closed questions, etc.)

During the training period, agents use role playing techniques and practice on test accounts to ensure they know how to accurately navigate our scripting system. Once successful in the initial training process, agents are moved onto the contact centre floor. Agent monitoring and coaching are practiced daily and ongoing training is always available.