Quality Assurance
Quality Assurances

Outsourcing gives your corporation access to a specialized talent pool without the costs of recruiting, training, and monitoring your own workforce. At Direct Call, we are highly dedicated to our employees, who not only represent the face of our business, but also act as the frontline of your corporation. We know first impressions matter and accordingly, we do everything possible to ensure our agents put your best image forward.

Direct Call invests considerable time and money in ensuring the highest level of quality for all customer interactions (voice, chat, and email). Not only do we hire the best people for our client accounts, but we consistently monitor every incoming and outgoing interaction in our contact centre. This allows our Quality Assurance team to proactively monitor our call centre agents, to evaluate the quality of their calls, and to determine ways on improving call quality.

Evaluation & Monitoring

The focus of our call monitoring efforts is on quality improvement. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team work closely with our support staff (Team Leaders, Team Managers), who also perform daily monitoring and coaching sessions to ensure high service levels throughout the centre.

Our agents are monitored at least once every two days. During each test, agents are evaluated and scored on various quality criteria for their calls. Agents are then consulted on their performance and informed on the areas they are successful and the areas that require improvement. At this time, agents provide any feedback they have on their account and this information will be shared with our client as well.

Motivation and Retention

Employee retention is important to any organisation, but in the contact centre industry, keeping quality agents and managers is crucial. Direct Call understands the value of maintaining satisfied employees and therefore, we focus on creating a career path for all employees, no matter what their role in the organization is.

Because of our people focus, Direct Call has a strong record for employee retention. We have accomplished this by providing positive incentives and facilitating motivational programs in the contact centre. Through competitive compensation, monthly paid bonuses, contests, employee recognition, team building events, flexible hours, “open door” policies, and a hire-from-within policy, we have strong employee retention and one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

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