Executive Team

Stewart Hoo-Lochrie
Managing Director

As Managing Director of Direct Call, Stewart Hoo-Lochrie is the driving force behind the company’s consistent growth and success. With his entrepreneurial vision and commitment to his employees, he has taken the company to new heights and expanded markets. Stewart has been involved in all aspects of the business and is primarily responsible for developing strategic growth initiatives and directing the overall operation of the business.

Stephen Coia
Business Development Director

As Business Development Director, Stephen Coia has responsibility for growth across all areas of the Direct Call business. Stephen comes from a contact centre and management consultancy background.

Allan Walker
Director, Finance & Corporate Strategy

As Director of Finance & Corporate Strategy, Allan Walker is responsible for the direction and execution of the company’s financial plan, budgeting, and cost controls. Allan comes from a broad background in business development and has been involved in management accounting for over 20 years.