Account Management

Building and maintaining strong relationships allow our clients to focus on their business. Direct Call values and builds relationships around your goals, to ensure you maximize on your overall business initiatives and achieve strategic benefits. Direct Call maintains high quality service levels, utilising various procedures and routines that are aligned with your standards.

Direct Call assembles a strong foundation for your account, routinely measuring and reporting on operations to always illustrate your quality performance levels. Any issues and concerns will be attended to in a timely manner, through an available representative you can rely on for assistance throughout your relationship.

Assigned Account Manager
You will have a dedicated Account Manager as your single point of contact during operational hours. They are responsible for the performance of your program, providing leadership to team leaders and call centre agents to ensure goals, performance objectives and standards are met and accurately communicated to everyone involved. Any inquiries can be directed to your account manager, as they are responsible for providing information and resolving customer needs according to expectations.

At their aid is the use of computerised systems for tracking, researching information, and troubleshooting, to enhance quality and efficiency. Team managers also handle non-routine situations that may require adaptation of response or extensive research to resolve.

Quality Assurance Meetings

Prior to and during the launch of your service, the Account Manager will hold daily calibration and account status meetings, which deals with all issues relating to the operations of the account. Call projections, account changes, and account issues are discussed in this meeting, which will include your project related mangers and IT representatives involved with the setup, along with the Team Manager and other representatives.

Direct Call and the client will both perform quality checks. Differing opinions will be discussed and quality assurance standards will be calibrated, ensuring both share the same views and expectations on quality. Meetings will be less periodic as comfort levels with the program increase.

Account Managers will on a daily basis review all reports, including service levels and quality assurance; reporting any issues with a root-cause analysis and action plan to correct the problem.